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Dave was a truly wonderful person, a generous person.

He was THE musician, always the first to arrive at the gig – a pure professional. "We've had long enough, come on, let's get back on", he'd say after ten minutes of a fifteen minute break.

He joked his way through difficult situations. He kept the network alive. Through his tireless work at Mabel Fletcher, LIPA and the Liverpool Community College, he inspired and taught a generation of Liverpool drummers.

Dave had massive knowledge and experience and a deep passion for the music that touched him most. Jazz and Latin music.Dave Joseph will never be forgotten. Stories will be told and retold.

Anyone who came close to him felt a deep respect and those who came closest – felt love.

All we know is that he died very suddenly, without warning and without pain. Dave died at home, only hours after a full daytime rehearsal for a new project – a project that he had dreamed up and fixed up and was so looking forward to performing.

Dave's ability to swing, that musical abstract, was unmatched in his area in his time. He simply was – the best.

Love you, Dave. xxx

July, 2008