Asa Murphy: “Dear Dave, you will be sadly missed by all, I thank you for helping me on my first ventures out with a live band. You were always happy and encouraging, I will miss your wonderful playing and sheer enjoyment of Jazz and Swing. You have left a legacy, and by the amount of people who attended "Dave Joseph Day" (2008 and 2009) - there are a lot of friends who will miss you, but never forget you. God bless you Dave xxx Asa 

Rita Hollis: "David Joseph my wonderful uncle, my Mum’s brother and best friend.  I cannot believe you have been taken away so suddenly from us. We only spoke to you a few days ago. You laughed so much on the phone, that’s how I will always remember you, your fantastic sense of humour shines through.  My  Mum and Dad and my daughters will miss you so much. I know we did not live near to you, but we always felt close to you especially in our hearts and souls. God bless you Uncle Dave we love you and will dearly miss you".   Niece Rita, Sister Sylvia & John, Great nieces Becky & Sam

Samantha Hawkley (David's great niece): "Uncle David, you have truly touched so many lives, family and friends and those who barely even knew you. That takes a special man. When I was younger I always wanted my very own drum kit and then one day you bought me one. You set up in the car park at one of our family parties and started playing to me. That will always be one of my fondest memories. It seems like only yesterday when we were laughing and joking. If only time could stand still for a while. Your infectious laughter will stay with us forever. May the angels take care of you now. You are in my thoughts and forever in my heart". Love Sammy x
Di Brennan and John Singleton (aka Bob Latch): "John and I are so shocked and saddened to hear of Dave's death, he looked so well when we were with him last week. We didn't know Dave for that long, but he was always a gentleman and had a good sense of humour. He asked jokingly if we'd adopt him, I gave him a big kiss and a hug and said 'of course we'll adopt you', and every time we'd meet after that, he'd tell people we'd adopted him and we'd laugh. 
He was a great guy, a true professional and a hard act to follow. We know he will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but his legacy, his work, will always live on through you and others in the music business who were closest to him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all his family and friends. God Bless".  

Tony Carter: "There'll be a lot less music and fewer wise cracks now you've gone Dave.  Keep smilling that crazy smile - miss you.

Lionel Duke: "I was the last Mabel Fletcher student to receive one-to-one music tuition.  I received it from Dave Joseph.  He was a brilliant teacher and an inspiration to countless young musicians in Merseyside.  I loved hearing him play and sometimes sitting in at the Liverpool Jazz Club sessions at Metro".

Maria Dunsmore:  "Many a happy hour was spent listening to Dave play and recant stories.  It was an honour to know him as musician and a true gentleman.  He will be sorely missed.  His family, friends and beloved dogs are in my thoughts".
Silvia D'Emilio: "I met Dave not so long ago but I felt very quickly that he was part of our family. As a jazz lover, I will miss him greatly as I considered Dave to be the best drummer in the North West. From now on, every time I hear the song "Cry Me A River", I will think of Dave because he renamed the song "Fry Me Some Liver". I will be smiling – as he would want to see us remember him – with a smile".

David Fishel: "Dear friend, true friend, funny friend, musical friend – I'll never again have a friend quite like him.  He guided me through my first ever pro gig and when we met up again in 2003 (after 27 years), we became inseparable".

Jonathan Leon Evang Fishel: "RIP Dave Joseph! Your joy, kindness, commitment to the art and your musicality will be dearly missed".

Brian Grant: "I knew Dave from the Railway Club, really going to miss him. A superb musician and real genuine guy. I was there last Saturday in the club sitting in our usual place and his chair was there empty. I kept looking for him to wander on in and set up his beer mats on the table for his game of "flick the beer mat" with Ray the compere in between getting up and doing his drumming slots". Missing you lots Dave!!!

Misha Gray: "All I can say is that I'm glad he was still playing and still very much involved in music right up to the time of his death. He was really helpful to me; I remember that my first taste of jazz in Liverpool was seeing you lot in the Metro on Monday nights! I was so glad that you included me right away, and it was Dave Joseph especially that took a fondness to my playing. This acknowledgement of his led me to feel more self confident and helped me to establish myself in Liverpool's jazz scene. 
It's just so tragic that I never got to tell him how much I owed to him... Thanks for everything Dave, your deafening ride cymbal will be ringing in our ears for years to come - and I don't just mean tinnitus!" 

Mandy Hills: "To Dave Joseph's family & friends: My deepest sympathy to you all at the very sad news, Dave was a real inspiration to me as my drum teacher and friend. I was a student of Dave’s at the community college a few years back and I felt very lucky indeed to find myself being taught by such a great player. His encouragement and humour throughout my studies and after is something I am very grateful for. I’ll never forget all he gave, he will be sadly missed.  Lots of love to all".

Chris Jago, Los Angeles: "I've been thinking about him a lot lately and was saddened and shocked to hear the news of Dave's passing.  20 years ago I received my first drum lesson from Dave, I can't begin to say how much respect I have for him and the career I have today is all because of Dave's great teachings. My favorite line from Dave during a lesson one day was " Floor toms. That's for putting your Tea and fags on". Classic........A wonderful guy, a wonderful drummer!  He will be very sadly missed".

Alan Kelly: "From the moment I first heard Dave play Latin & Jazz I knew he was an awesome player and a true leader in his specialist field.  Dave helped me out whenever he could by calling me with gigs he either passed on to me or asked me to dep for him at his weekend club residency.  A fantastic player, person and talent. He'll be greatly missed.  R.I.P. Dave".

Jeff Lewis: "A nicer guy than Dave you couldn't wish to meet...a better drummer you couldn't hope to find.  The world is now a far poorer place".

Tricia Liedl: "Dear Dave,
Didn't we have a laugh! You've left me with so many happy memories. All those hours in the car travelling to and from gigs listening to your funny stories. Stopping for chips and ciggies. Chasing sheet music down the road in wet and windswept Burscough! I just hope that you know how loved and respected you were by all who knew you, not only for being a truly gifted musician but also a lovely, kind and generous man. Love you always, forget you never". Tricia X

Anna Livingstone: "Thank you so much Dave for all your encouragement as a tutor in and after my time at College, particularly in my Jazz studies. I'll never forget "THE MOZAMBIQUE"-what a latin legend!! As a fellow drummer, it was such an honour and pleasure to have played alongside and with you in many a Big Band Gig, when you never had your glasses to see the pieces but somehow managed to play it exactly right,if not better...amazing!!! And I'll never forget our little Spain solo's !!! You are and were the absolute true Swing King and you'll never ever be forgotten when you have touched and taught so many people in the industry. Thanks again Dave, a Gentleman, Goodnight and God bless". Anna Livingstone ( AKA - kid!)xxxxx 

Martyn Lloyd: "Always a pleasure to work with; always a pleasure to talk to and to be with.  You will be sadly missed".

Johnny Mac: "A real time lord, a real friend, a real human being - a real loss to us all - gonna miss you mate".

Jackie (Richards) McCormick: "One of the best and the funniest of the class of  '66  (when we first met) - miss you madly!"  

Danny Mannix: "Dave was a true friend and a brilliant musician. I will always remember him - the true professional.  He is now in God's care".

Richie Meehan: "Respect for a great drummer from an ex-student".

Lauren Morgan: "Dave it was a pleasure to have met you and an honour to have had a few drum lessons from you.  Keep on playing the drums with the big huge sticks that were always placed at the side of your drum kit at the college.  Your legacy lives on through all the people who's lives you touch.  Sleep Peacefully Dave" (Liverpool Community College 2002-2005).

Steve Parry: "The wonderful Dave Joseph - still wonderful, and probably still drinking tea. I'll miss you, Dave".

Dave Regan: "I first met Dave a good few years ago at the Metro, he was a wonderful man, he really helped me to sing confidently, and pitch correctly when working with musicians, he will be very sadly missed.  It was a real privilege to have played with him.  I even have a short video filmed at the Metro with me singing, and Dave on drums, right next to me......memories to keep forever! Rest in Peace my friend!" 

Ray, Nina, Carol and Family: "I had the pleasure of working resident weekends with Dave for the past 20 yrs at the Railway Club, Aintree. Not only was he the best musician he was a great friend. He had a fantastic sense of humour and will be so sadly missed but never forgotten by his friends Ray (compere), Nina & families and Carole on keyboards and families. A great personality and a tremendous loss to the music industry. Sincere condolences to all of Dave's family. Thanks for all the good times Dave, in your words VERY NICE. Much love, good night, god bless".  xxx

Duncan Scutt: "The first time I saw Dave play when he played a gig at my school, I felt totally awestruck. That was considering that I was the drummer of the band that followed the O'Fishel Quartet at the time! Dave was an immensely talented drummer who provided me with great inspiration to play the instrument, and let me in on so many secrets of the drumming world throughout the brief time I personally knew him. His musical generosity shone through, and he was always willing to let me sit in at various gigs for 20 minutes, whilst he sipped his coffee and looked over with critical acclaim! Dave you are a musical legend and will be remembered by all who met with you, and those who had the privilege to play with you. You will be sorely missed".

Keith Small: "Smoker of fags, drinker of tea, player of great drums, amuser of Keith Small. The man who would affectionately call me "plums" will be sadly missed." 

Pastor Dianna Stacey (Grace Family Church):  "Our prayers are with you all".

Jack Stevens: "A pleasure to have been around you.  Great stories and great drumming.  So many people held you in such high esteem, it was pretty clear before even knowing you that you were a top guy".

Tom Sykes: "It was an honour to have such a wonderful musician and beautiful person as Dave as my first choice drummer and, just as important, a dear friend. Without realising it I was the one of the last people to see him alive, and although I'll miss him terribly I take comfort in knowing that the last thing he did was what he enjoyed most: playing swinging jazz with his friends".

Mandi, Mark, Kaili, Lydia & Marcus Taft:  “To a wonderful guy that me and my husband Mark and kids, Kaili, Lydia and Marcus will never forget!!!  
"Aside from the amazing musical prowess he possessed - he was so much fun and such a good laugh!  Remember our cigis and chats together...I promise you Dave I wil honour your requests and get back on the horse and start giggin' again!!! (As you said so many times to me).  I came to your funeral and I wanted to sing the deepest blues in honour of you but instead I blessed myself for having known you!  Our plans for you to teach our son Marcus never materialized on this plane but I know you will be there giving him a nod here and there in the right places.  He asked could he come to your funeral but i said no - though I don't know why, because he had such fond memories of you!  Dave, you were always one of us - and we loved you especially for that!!! Give it to them on the other side!!!"  With all our love xxxxx 

Anne, Paul, Charlotte and Andrew Taft:  "Dear, Dear Dave.  Your sudden loss has left a hole in our lives which will never be filled.  Your presence and influence will always be long, old pal!". 

Shaun Taft: "Hiya Dave. Sorry this has taken so long to pay you tribute but I have been practising.  It's all your fault because the stuff you have shown me takes such a long time to sink in (for me anyway).  You said to me..."It's all in there!"...and I will never forget that.  I hope I don't let you down.  I'm working on it!  Thank you so much for your encouragement.  
Anyway, enough of that because you're probably feeling a bit embarrassed.  What I really want to say to you is that I, along with the rest of our family, young and old, will miss you dearly as a friend.  Feels like we've lost one of our own.  There will always be a seat for you at our table, be it Christmas, special occasions or a plain old Tandoori chicken festival". Time for a smoke!  Night Night Dave xxx Love, Shaun  P.S. Promise I'll never grow up".

Laura Trinidad, Málaga: "Tuve la suerte de estudiar en Liverpool Community College y de encontrar gente como Dave, que con su generosidad y su buen humor hicieron que mi estancia fuerapor siempre inolvidable".  Con todo mi cariño, Laura

Paul and Alf Walsham:  "Dave was the first drum teacher to introduce me to Latin and Jazz.  Thanks to his teachings and support, I'm the drummer I am today.  I remember my Dad saying many years ago, "If you want drum lessons you should go my old teacher" – who happened to be Dave.  Dave, you have left a large void in the music and drumming community; you will be sorely missed.  Peace and love".

Alex Welford (The Music Development, Liverpool): "A true friend and musician and a great influence in our musical world. In his time he was involved in passing the percussive torch to the younger generation and I am very happy to have been a part of it and even happier to pass this on to my students.  Peace and love".

Glyn Williams: "A message from far-away Russia. I worked with Dave Joseph on the music staff of the Liverpool Community College for many years - until he retired and I got a job here in Moscow. I also worked with him outside college. He was a wonderful, instinctive drummer: a dream to work with. If the music came into that rare category 'unknown to Dave Joseph', like some Russian songs I did with him or one of my own modest compositions, it took little more than one hearing for him to get its measure (sometimes only eight bars) and produce the perfect drum accompaniment. Only last week I was working on a new song and trying to imagine how the drum part would sound. I just thought of Dave and what he would do with it. We will all miss him. I don't know where drummers end up after they die, but I suspect Dummers' Heaven has just acquired one hell of a kit player!"

Paul Spencer: I had 3 years of wonderful drumming lessons with Dave, a longt time ago at Liverpool Community College. I loved learning his swing and latin rhythms. I was so flattered and encouraged when he asked me to fill in at the railway club for a couple of nights. I'm very sorry you're gone.

The following friends all got in touch, were deeply moved and expressed the warmest feelings and thoughts about Dave:
Ozzie Austin
Pauline Wiggins
Carol Power
Nizar Babay
Dave Spencer
Paul Leonard
Dave Broudie
Celine and Tony (07 Bar)
Danny Fishel
Clive Fisher
Garry Gannicliffe
Harry Harrison
Dave Knopov
Geni Lamb
George and Eileen Robinson
Paul and Doreen (from the Beaufort nights)
Tony Rosenthal
Ali Singleton
Richard McGrath